Home Overview

Home overview

Get the clear picture of what is happening in your home at a glance. See currently selected timeclock schedule, how many lights and fans are turned on in the whole house - right at the top of the screen. If you system is equipped with Lutron thermostat, current temperature inside the house is shown here too. List of rooms shows where exactly you have any lights or fans turned on - no need to peek inside the room just to check if someone left the lights on.


Home and Room Scenes

Add your own virtual scenes that are not tied to keypads. Combine lights, fans or shades in a scene to have selected controls set up exactly like you want with just one tap on the scene icon. There are room scenes - they appear in a room and can include devices from that room, and home scenes - they can use any device.


Home Favorites

Put all your favorite adjustments on one screen. No need to navigate between rooms - see status of everything important to you in one place. Tap a favorite button to toggle it, or press and hold it to open the device details to do fine adjustments. Room scenes can be added to favorites, too!

The Today Widget

Notification Center Widget

Select a few favorite controls or scenes and add them to the widget. By installing HomeSense's Today view extension into iOS Control Center, you can toggle these selected favorites right from the Today view of Control Center. No more paging through home screens to find the app.

Room actions

Room Actions*

Someone left the lights on? Or do you need to turn the lights on? With room actions, you can turn off all of the lights in a room, or turn on any light, fan, lower the shade, or press a keypad button with a single quick gesture - no need for navigating screens looking for that switch. Configure room actions to fit your needs. You can select which of the room's lights, fans, shades, keypad buttons or scenes appear in the list of room actions.

* Room actions are only available on iPhone. On iPad, use room scenes to a similar effect.

Room details

Room Details

Select a room to see all of the devices in that room and their up-to-date status. See what keypad buttons are on, what shades are down, and what lights are on - right here on one screen. Need to turn on that light or close those blinds? Just tap button on the right to toggle the device.

Hue Lights

Control Philips Hue Lights

Controls your Philips Hue Lights the same way you would use any other light. Hue lights are going to affect home status and room status just like you would expect. They can be added added to scenes, favorites, and widget.

  • View and edit scheduled events, including events relative to sunrise or sunset.
  • Create multiple sunrise or sunset events at different times.
  • Adjust defaults: set default brightness, fade-in and fade-out time for lights.
  • Control Hue Tap accessory and Dimmer Switch.

Listen to music with Sonos

With HomeSense you can now play and pause music, control volume, and choose playlists and stations to play from your Sonos favorites. Add Sonos speakers to a scene to play the music that is perfect for the situation.

Device defaults

Device Defaults

See and adjust all device parameters here. Rename the device, customize how it works by editing default device values: set default speed for fan, default brightness for light. Experiment with dimmer fade-in and fade-out time here to get an effect you want.

For keypads, buttons can be renamed and button programming can be adjusted - change settings for existing controls, remove them or add new ones*.

* System firmware update might be required for complete functionality.



Not every switch is created equal. Table lamp is not a fan, and should not be treated equally. HomeSense realizes that, and gives you ability to select what each switch or appliance module controls: a light, a desktop or floor fan, or any other small appliance. Now everything looks right, and turning off all of the lights will not affect your appliances.



See the current temperature and HVAC system operating mode on the top of the thermostat screen with all available thermostat settings listed below on one easy-to-read screen. Set desired temperature and mode, control fan. Toggle the "eco" energy saving mode or turn off thermostat schedule to enter vacation mode with a single tap on a button for your Lutron thermostat. Switch between home and away modes on Nest thermostat.

Lutron thermostat schedule can be viewed and edited in the thermostat settings.

Scheduled Events

Manage Scheduled Events

Scheduled events can make one's life easier - turning lights in the morning, closing blinds at sunset... Check main menu to view and edit scheduled events. Add new events, delete or edit existing ones*. Specify schedule mode, days and time for an event. Event time can be either time of day or relative to sunset/sunrise time.

* System firmware update might be required for complete functionality.

Rename room and reorder accessories

Complete Control

With HomeSense, you have complete control over your home. If something does not look right, or in the wrong place - you can change it. Rename and reorder rooms - move rarely used rooms out of your way. Set room icons to make them more recognizable.* Choose scene icons that make sense. Rename and reorder devices in the room - keep your favorites close to top. You can even rename keypad buttons - use names which make sense to you. No service call necessary.

* Room icons are only available on iPad.

Download on the App Store Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.