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HomeSense turns your iPhone or iPad into a command center for your automated home by providing seamless integration between several popular home automation systems. The app shows the state of your whole home and every room, and lets you control lights, fans, shades, and thermostats. With Siri intents, Today view widget, favorites, home and room scenes, HomeSense is flexible, convenient and easy to use.

Download on the App Store Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Supported Systems

HomeSense includes several direct integrations, as well as integration with Apple HomeKit compatible devices. This allows it to directly control devices from following systems:

  • Lutron Cas├ęta Wireless
  • Lutron RadioRA 2
  • Lutron RadioRA 3
  • Lutron HomeWorks QS
  • Lutron HomeWorks QSX
  • Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting
  • Ecobee Smart Thermostat
  • Honeywell Lyric Thermostat
  • Sonos Wireless Speakers
  • ... and more, via Apple HomeKit integration.
Home Overview
Home Overview


  • Easy to use - all the key information is available on one screen. See how many lights, fans or other devices, are turned on in the house; and current thermostat temperature. See if a room has lights or fans on without navigating inside. Use menu actions or scenes to turn everything in a room off with one quick gesture.
  • Provides seamless integration between supported systems. Use one app to control your devices.
  • Virtual scenes add convenience by recalling particular settings for any number of controls. Create your own scenes for something that you do often or settings that involve many controls.
  • Favorites allow quick access to often-used controls. Any light, fan, shade or even single keypad button can be set as a favorite. Room scenes can be added to favorite list, too.
  • Need even quicker access? Use Today view widget to toggle selected controls or turn on scenes.
  • HomeSense has editing capabilities to view and edit scheduled events, keypad button programming and thermostat schedules for Lutron (with compatible firmware). It also supports viewing and editing scheduled events for Philips Hue lights, including events relative to sunrise or sunset.
  • Everything is customizable - you can organize your home: manage rooms, rename controls and keypad buttons, hide unwanted devices. Adjust device defaults: set default brightness, fade-in and fade-out time for dimmers, set default speed for fans, set switch type to light, fan or outlet.
  • iCloud sync keeps your home configuration up-to-date on all of your devices.

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